Monday, December 7, 2009

Community Pastoral Placement

We began, today, our preparation for our 3 month Community Pastoral Placement beginning on the 5th of January 2010.
There will be three communities this year. Paul, Peter Ndivo, Frank and Brian will reside and minister in Shekinah actively involved with the Clinic and the Feeding Program. Jordaan, Likisi, Chris and James will teach at St Monica's and form community in Nyankpala. Sunday, Nicholas, Peter Kabia, Cornelius, Sydney and Otieno will form community in Kanivilli and do thier ministry at Kanvilli RC School and at Yumba School for children with special needs.
We began by spending time reflecting and sharing on the document that outlines the rationale for ministry in the Novitiate experience. This led us into the process of naming our hopes, expectations and fears, and drawing our individual and community goals for the three month experience.
Over the next few days we will look at models of leadership in community, get familiar with budgetting and keeping of accounts, put together what we will need for our three month of experience, and do sessions in the evenings on teacher training and classroom management. This will be an intensive week of preparation that will lead us into the 6 days of reflection beginning on Sunday the 13th.

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