Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Leadership is much more than just administration, and we usually expect leaders to inspire and challenge us. Inspiration and challenge are certainly what we experienced during the recent visit of our Congregation Leader, Br. Philip Pinto, to Tamale.

Many Brothers and others around the world have experienced Philip’s simple yet personal and profound way of presenting a vision of the Christian Brothers and their vocation in today’s world and church. Philip made time during his visit for the Team, Brothers Kevin, Con and Tony, and especially the novices. Philip not only led a retreat day for the novices, but spent the best part of two mornings interacting with them in class.

Philip sketched the journey of the Congregation over recent decades towards a more dynamic and comprehensive understanding of God, the universe and our calling within our changing world. Many of his lines are still echoing in our conversations and hearts:

“Keep alive the dangerous memory of Jesus!”

“You don’t have to be a Christian to be God’s person.”

“The earth is God’s agenda.”
He challenged us very personally - to make the connection between prayer and our deepest desires; to let ourselves see things in a different way; to be honest with ourselves and to speak the truth. He left us wondering about this “bigger God” and about what sort of “alternative” we Christian Brothers are called to offer in the church and world. He urged us to find creative ways of living out our congregational motto of Presence, Liberation and Compassion.

Thank you, Philip. We know that you won’t be able to come again to Tamale this year, but we look forward to next meeting as Brothers, wherever and whenever that may be.