Saturday, September 15, 2012


The ritual of foot washing expresses what we want our daily life to be-Mutual service in Brotherhood.
Dancing the night away.
The weekly bike ride to explore new corners of Tamale.
A daily reality-wash -up!
Now,what is he doing?
Out on the town.
In the wet season Tamale is green and lush.
Nature's birthday.
Visiting the old slave camp at Paga in Northern Ghana.
Edmund Rice activities with local children.
Turning up for the weekly community Mass.
Lunch is ready.
Newly baptised catechumens
Socialising after our May 5th Edmund Rice celebration.
Scrabble looks like serious business.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rex (2007-2012), RIP

Those who have been in Tamale over the last five years will have met Rex, the good-looking but not-always stable community dog.  Rex’s earthly existence was recently cut short prematurely.  Since early this year he was suffering from a worm infestation, and it became increasingly difficult to treat him.  He ran away when we tried to wash him or administer medicine, and became savage when we tried to restrain him so the veterinary doctor could examine him.  Because of these problems, he was not getting better. 
Finally, he bit one of the novices.  It was clear that Rex was never going to allow us to care for him properly, so we had the vet put him down.  We were sad to farewell him but could see no alternative.  We are looking forward to getting a new puppy and making sure that it is well trained from the beginning so that the same problems will not be repeated. Rest in peace, Rex!