Friday, June 21, 2013

Paul Noonan All-Stars?

The Christian Brothers have a great tradition of passion for sport, and their schools have produced many outstanding sportsmen (and maybe sportswomen too?).  More importantly, an interest in taking part in sport and games lends itself to developing a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  So exercise and games are a regular part of the novitiate life.

The current novices have shown enthusiasm to test themselves on the football field against external opposition.  Our first effort, against a team of Divine Word Missionaries’ seminarians ended in dejection as we were badly beaten 5-1.

However, since then, two games against the youth of our parish have reflected a growth in the skills and organization of the team.  The first game, on the feast day of our Founder, Blessed Edmund Rice (May 5), saw us victorious 3-2.  Then we took on the students of St. Charles Lwanga school, and won an entertaining game 5-3.

A recent re-match with the parish youth underlined our improvement.  Against a team that some observers saw as individually more skilled, we prevailed 3-1, thanks to a powerful first half (in which all three goals were scored) and strong teamwork. Despite some injuries, the novices limping around the next day were smiling broadly!

With only nine novices, however, we need the support of some of our friends and Brothers from outside our community.  The last game saw the participation of three of our Brothers from the neighbouring Choggu community – thanks to Sonny, Paul and Bonaventure.  The two novices with the FIC Brothers have also helped us when they have been available, as well as some local friends who often come to play with us during our regular weekday afternoon matches.

Sport can be a power for good, but it can also bring out the worst in people.  The enthusiasm and good humour of the novices have ensured an enjoyable and friendly spirit to these games.  Long may it continue!

Earlier in the year - Training Hard.
The team lines up before its second clash with the parish youth.
Lawrence provides a safe pair of hands and a cool head at the back.
It looks like the ref is reading the Riot Act to both teams before kick-off!
Our secret weapon!  Martin’s imposing physique in the defence is big obstacle for the opposition.
Children from Catechism groups in the parish came to support the novices who are their teachers.