Monday, November 23, 2009

To Wa!

On Friday 14th of November, long before dawn we left for WA (Regional capital town of the Upper West Region) to witness the wedding ceremony of Cornelius’s brother. I was fortunate to accompany him.
We left Tamale at around 5am. It was wonderful, and the journey took us exactly 7hours. Having just finished a week of reflection on the New Cosmology story, I was so much more aware of the beauty of Africa. It was a long journey on dusty and lonely roads but there was no way one could even read a book because the road is really bad and I could say that the nonsense was shaken out of us.
Eventually, we arrived at our destination a half hour after noon. We received a red carpet welcome and there was this tremendous sense of joy, happiness, and celebration.
We shared our stories and the day’s experiences together! We were really tired after that shake, rattle and roll journey! Saturday was a most extravagant day as I enjoyed local dances, food and drinks. After the wedding mass we joined in the special wedding dance called “bawaa” .
I learnt and saw much more than I expected from this whole experience. I thank the Beloved and the Tamale Novitiate community for the opportunity given me to travel and see an other side of Ghana. I cannot stop talking about it, I suppose by now everybody in the house is bored but I believe for you the reader it’s something new. We were back in Tamale on Monday.

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