Monday, September 8, 2008

Whose footprints are we walking in?

On the 29th of August we remembered and celebrated the lives of John the Baptist, Blessed Edmund and Br Paul Noonan.

We began our prayer by calling on thier spirits to be amongst us. For many of our men Paul Noonan is only a name and the events of August 2001 a part of forgotten history. Having invited the spirits to be among us by pouring a libation we read the account of Paul's death from the annals of the Novitiate. It was a very moving experience indeed to hear that story again.

The three men... prophet, founder and brother ... reminded each of us what we are called to be in todays world as we are invited and dared to be disciples of Jesus.

Are these the footprints we walking? Are these the shoulders we standing on? Are these the men we have before us as we follow Jesus to the edge, into the deeper and wider dimensions of living that we may discover the God who awaits us?

The testimony of their lives reminds us that...
"That the way to make the most of ourselves is by transcending ourselves…
It means that each of us will become a paradox –
Free, yet constrained by necessity;
Shrewd, yet innocent;
Open to the others, yet self-reliant;
Strong, yet able to yield;
Centered on the highest values, yet able to accept imperfection;
Realistic about the suffering existence imposes on us, yet full of gratitude for life as it is.
When you transcend yourself, the fact will be confirmed by the quality of your life……
A transparency and a radiance of being
Which result from living both within and beyond yourself.”

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