Sunday, June 15, 2008

Unless You become like the 'little ones'.

I saw the need of recognizing that all human beings are important in this world. During the time of our founder blessed Edmund Rice, he looked through the window and saw the reality of what was happening, and recognized the need for educating the poor street boys. In the same way when I looked around Shekinah, I saw the need of educating the young children especially the disadvantaged ones. Acknowledging that education is a fundamental basic need, I felt the importance of exploring the charism of Edmund Rice. Like Edmund I wished to bring the light of education and knowledge into the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance, and so we organized classes for the children of the neighbourhood.
A lot more children turned up than expected. This surprised me but it also encouraged me and strengthened my resolve to share my talents with the young ones. It was like the Gospel call to me … “Let the young children come to me for the kingdom of God belongs to them.”
The children came from different religious and cultural backgrounds. The way they behaved themselves was so good. Through their interaction with each other they helped me to integrate my religious beliefs with those of others. They taught me tolerance and mutual acceptance. They affirmed my belief that as brothers we should be committed to building a better world that accommodates everybody and respects all.

Belden Nselee

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