Thursday, June 26, 2008

Care for the Earth

"Care for the Earth" was our theme for this week in the novitiate.
We began the the week with a prayer celebrating the Earth and the whole universe.
Following the prayer we met as a community to see what we could as a individuals and as a community to care for the Earth. So we adopted the following...
"We commit ourselves anew to seeing the affliction of the earth,
hearing its cry, and knowing its suffering.
We commit ourselves to learning more about the changes that are needed.
We commit ourselves to embarking on that long and difficult road
toward life lived in harmony with all God's creation.
In covenant with God and with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit,
we are called to action in the name of Jesus the Christ."
We have spent the week sprucing up our premises and putting things in place to be more prudent in our disposal of waste, to conserve water and power resources, and to enhance the plant life in our compound by planting more trees and flowering shrubs.

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