Monday, March 3, 2014


The blog in 2012 chronicled the death of Rex, the novitiate dog.  At the start of 2013 we got a new female puppy which, after some uncertainty, was named Tamale (or Tammy for short).

Under the devoted care of Martin, Tammy has grown and flourished.  She is out and about after 6 pm each evening, helping the watchman keep the compound secure.  Sometimes chasing a local cat which ventures onto our property distracts her, but otherwise she co-exists happily with the human and animal residents of our property and is a reassuring and friendly presence.  She has never caught up with that cat, so maybe there is no real animosity there, either!

The Dog's Master and Handler - Big Martin feeds Tammy...

Martin prepares Tammy for a walk!

Like all professional dog handlers, Martin takes Tammy for a walk around the compound.

Martin and Tammy resting!

Tammy takes a loving hug before going back to the kennel. 

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