Saturday, March 15, 2014


The construction of a concrete court able to accommodate basketball and volleyball has meant a significant improvement in our recreational facilities. It was complete by the end of November, and will shortly have a roof put over it to provide shade from the hot sun and shelter from rain. This will make it a very useful facility in the climatic conditions of Tamale.

For those who have been here, the court occupies the open space on the left after you enter the compound, in the open space bordered by the watchman’s house, the piggery and the chapel classroom wing.

Roofing is still in progress and once roof is completed, it will also provide a sheltered and paved space that can be used for social gatherings. The novices, who up till now have played mainly football on our small field at sport time, are now busy polishing up their volleyball skills and acquiring the basics of basketball.

Big Martin - Basketball Star tests the court!

Martin tries our the court with the new basketball!

Martin approves with a satisfactory pose for the blog!

The Basketball court - view from the Piggery towards the Team Room.

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