Monday, October 21, 2013


One of the challenges of life in a place for those of us who are not Ghanaian, which is all of us, is the isolation.  Tamale is not on any tourist trails and travel within Africa is expensive, if you come by air, or slow and uncertain if you choose any other means of transport.  So we very much appreciate here the number of visitors we have from the other Districts within Africa, and from other Provinces beyond Africa.  There is something in face-to-face interaction and having someone living with you for a while that email, Facebook and phone-calls can’t match.

We were especially delighted earlier this year to have Br. Vince Duggan, the Province Leader of Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and the Philippines), with us for nearly two weeks.  The fact that we have had two novices from Oceania in 2011-12, and again this year (Desmond and Francis from Papua New Guinea), is the main reason that Vince has given priority to visiting us. 

We have not only benefited from Vince’s willingness to take some classes (some very colourful excursions into Church History), but even more from his presence.  Despite his responsible position and status in the congregation, his warm and humble (check out the photo below at the wash-up!) way of being among us underlined what brotherhood and leadership mean for us Christian Brothers.

Vince shows that he hasn’t forgotten what to do at a wash-up
Vince and the three natives of Oceania – novices Desmond and Francis, and Br. Tony.
Vince (far right) with almost all the novices and Team.  Can you pick which novice is not there?

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