Saturday, May 22, 2010

Community pastoral placement evaluations

Life not reflected upon is not worth living’.
April 12th to 22nd, 2010, what a remarkable time in our discernment process! After three months Community pastoral Placement we came together to share the fruits of the experience. I am grateful to Sr. Alice- Msola and Br. Raphael-Presentation Brothers, for the effort and time they invested in the first week of evaluations.

The first week consisted of Community reports and financial statements, role-plays and reviews of the CPP process itself.

‘It is not easy to go to the margins and not be challenged or touched by the enormity of suffering and hardship of people living in such conditions.’ Our Constitution states “it is in daily living that the challenge of community life manifests itself. We grow as persons as we come to accept the difficult task of living for others and as we become aware of our gifts and limitations in our human interactions…”

These statements were revealed in the 2nd week of evaluations. It was evident that the exercise had achieved its intended purpose as we shared how growth had taken place in our lives. We listened to each others individual reports. During the peer evaluation we affirmed and challenged each other bringing to awareness our gifts and concerns. During this learning process we were also privileged to share with the team members and our individual accompaniers. At the end the team gave a feedback of how they felt and saw the experience to be.

The whole CPP and evaluations stimulated and left many with questions on the Christian Brothers way of life and what Religious life is all about today.

I thank God, the team, my fellow Novices, the people who offered us time and space for learning and growth, the staff at various ministry sites and a million thanks to the people we ministered to and who in turn did the same for us.

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