Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Tamale is a mostly Muslim city, so the number of Catholic religious is relatively small.  Recently the male and female religious decided to form one representative group, and one of the first things done by the new association was to invite all religious and novices for a picnic day at Kintampo Falls, nearly three hours south of Tamale on the main road to Kumasi.  The Falls are found just beyond the limits of the savannah country of northern Ghana, in hilly, green countryside.

The highlight of the day was enjoying the falls by getting under them!  At this time of the year, as the rainy season approaches, Tamale is usually hot and sweaty.  Frolicking under the falls and enjoying the cool, fresh water was a delightful change, and great fun as well.  Of the other religious, only two of the Sisters and one priest went in, so the Christian Brothers’ group certainly led the way.

All this aquatic activity developed a good appetite, so we did justice to the lunch that followed.  It was a great first outing for the year. 

The lush, green beauty of the Kintampo Falls reserve. 
Checking out one of the higher falls.
At the lower falls – from left, Lawrence, Dominic, Philip and Emmanuel.
Almost as good as surfing!  Br. Titus with Sisters Margaret and Donata.
Getting seriously soggy!  
Paul and Lawrence trying to persuade Sisters Rejoice and Mary to come into the water.

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