Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ministry at Yumba

Being in Yumba Special School I have seen and experienced a lot. Mentally challenged people need somebody to listen to them, understand them and to love them since people consider them to be of no use in the society.

Taking them in moral education and practical issues like putting clothes and taking care of their body is something that I have really enjoyed. The challenge at Yumba is not about producing good results at the end of the day (since it can take10 to 15 minutes of concentration to perform a simple task), but it is to make the children feel welcomed and help them believe they can things like any other child.

The biggest challenge is that I will never come to understand their feelings. I can't say if they are happy or sad at times. Despite their physical condition like having running noses, sliver in the mouth or even small incidents of violence here and there, I have come to learn that I have to be patient not only with them but also to myself.

I have come to acknowledge their presence and the presence of God in them despite the questions I ask my self about their situation and why it is that they suffer. As Mother Teresa once said “let nothing so sorrowful fill you heart and forget Christ is risen for you.” I am happy to be in Yumba and share my brotherly love to those denied the right to love and associate with others fully in the society. We need to love and appreciate their presence in the community since we all share the same love and image of God.

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