Thursday, August 28, 2008

Elmina Fishing Village

The day we went to Elmina we were greeted by huge hordes of colorfully clad people standing on every available space. As much as I wanted to believe that they were lining the roads to welcome these visitors from the north I knew there had to be another reason.
The sight and the crowds were quite overwhelming. Having parked the mini bus we got out to explore this rather awesome sight and it was now clear to see that it had something to do with the myriad fishing boats.
The loud music and the natter of people added to this rather peculiar festive atmosphere. The sight fascinated me. On asking a bystander I realized to my amazement that this was no annual festival but a daily occurrence. Every morning (except Tuesdays) the village gathered to welcome their menfolk who had spent the whole night out on the sea fishing…and what a welcome they got!

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