Thursday, July 24, 2008

Phone Wire Theft

Phone wire theft seems to be a growing problem in our neck of the wood here in Tamale. This is the sixth time our phone wires have been stolen in the year so far.

Large sections of the phone line wire were cut off on Sunday night, and taken away apparently for the copper. How much copper they will find in a phone wire I am not sure. But it sure does ring of desperation. A quick check of the internet informs me that phone wire theft is an universal problem which often pays for the alcohol and drug addiction of petty thieves.

The last time our wire was taken we were without phone and internet for almost a week. This time round the Ghana Telecom company were much quicker in their response and had our lines restored in a couple of days. I wonder if they have more spare wire in their stores now that phone wire theft is becoming more common!!!

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