Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Novitiate formation Teams Meeting in Lusaka

Facilitated by Michael Burke, the four novitiate teams met in Lusaka for a week long meeting at the end of April to share our stories and experiences. We were joined by members of our leadership team in Africa, Michael Colasuonno who had recently conducted a review of all the novitiates in Africa, and Francis Hall from the C LT.

The experience gave us the opportunity to look at our best practices, tweak a few of the structures and firm up others. But most importantly it was the sharing of brotherhood and the feeling of being supported in our work that stays with me the most.

The novitiate formation team in Greenpoint, South Africa (Brs Hugh Maloney, John Buckingham, John Holden, Christopher Mapulanga)

The novitiate formation team in Stellenbosch, South Africa (Brs Paul Luseni, Eamonn MacLochlainn, Clement Sindazi)

The formation team at the International spirituality Centre , Lusaka, Zambia (Br Michael Burke, Sr Sue McGregor, Br Joe Mosely)

The novitiate team at Tamale, Ghana (Brs Henry McGann, Prince Bai Tarawalie, Vivek da Silva)


Anonymous said...

Dear Br Noonan,

Greetings! My name is Joydeep Choudhury and I am writing this from India. I was a student of Br Henry McGann at St Edmund's School, Shillong, India, way back in the early 1980s. My friends and I remember him as not just a brilliant teacher of English but as a wonderful human being - easily the finest teacher to have ever taught me. Sadly, I have never been in touch with him after school. I see him in some of the photos on your blog. So, I am taking the liberty of writing to you. I would be grateful if you could please send me Br McGann's e-mailing address so that I can gt in touch with him. If not for anything else, just to tell him what a great teacher he had been to me and my friends when we were teenagers in school.

Shall be grateful if you could please send his mailing details at my e-mail

Thanks & Regards
Joydeep Choudhury

Anonymous said...

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